here you are, steven
SO excited.

January needs to hurry up. 

1st- Dolphins game with josh and friends!! My first live NFL game ever :D 

9th- one year with josh (: we’re going to islands of adventure//universal studios for the day! 

29th- zac brown band and luke bryan, along with chris cagle @ Pembroke Pines.. wherever that is.  

Also, Im hoping that Jake Owen will reschedule sometime soon! This month is going to be fantastic. :) 

18 today :D



Go get yourself a pack of smokes, vote, get a tattoo, and top it off with porn.  

yessss :D 

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18 today :D

I never go on tumblr anymore.

I got in a car accident today and now I can’t sleep. Everyone was okay, and the cars don’t have that much damage. I’m just shaken up. The man I hit had a little girl in his car. What if it was worse? What if I hurt that little girl? I’d like to think that this wasn’t my fault, but it was. I was in a turning lane, slowing down to stop at the light. A man driving in the lane next to me decided he wanted to turn also, but didn’t look before he started coming into my lane. I was freaking out because I thought this guy was going to hit me, and I guess I forgot to continue braking. The man in the truck noticed I was there just in time and swerved back into his lane, but it was too late for me. I was only going maybe 15 mph, and hit the car in front of me. I couldn’t stop crying. I was shaking violently and thought I was going to throw up. Everyone, even the man I hit and his daughter, was telling me it was okay, it happens, that’s why they’re called accidents. I couldn’t calm down. What if I was going faster and I hurt that little girl or the man? I feel like shit. 

What a life, right